I had been wanting to get one of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipsticks for quite a while now, so I when I saw one in the shade ” 10 Don’t pink of it!” I had to get it. Obviously, the first thing that drew my attention to it was the color, a neutral light pink tone that looks so nice especially if you have a pale skin tone. When I fist opened it, I must admit I thought that the applicator wasn’t going to be as good as it actually is, but I found it pretty easy to use and quite precise. However,  if you’re looking for very well defined lips,  I recommend you use a lip liner first.

FullSizeRender-1The texture is perhaps its strong point – creamy, soft and feathery. It also glides very well and doesn’t dry very quickly,  which I think is helpful because you don’t need to hurry  when applying it. When I first applied it the lips looked juicy, but after a couple of minutes it started to dry out and I noticed a beautiful velvety finish -not a super matte.

In terms of durability I must say that although one of the promises was that it would hold up to 24 hours, I can’t confirm that’s true. The lipstick lasted quite a while but didn’t survive the final test: mealtime.

All in all, yes,  I’d recommend this lipstick to a friend. However, if you have very dry lips, you should prep them well before using this product.


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