I’ve always been a huge fan of ASTOR and when I saw they were releasing a new range of Soft Sensation Lipcolors I knew I’d end up purchasing one of them- at least. This new range was full of beautiful Matte shades and I got my hands on one called Pink Sand [040]. It claimed to “Combine the color and wear of a lipstick, the pampering moisture of a balm and the precision of a lip liner – with a modern matte finish”. 

The lipstick emerges when you twist the base and with just one layer you can already get a flawless coverage. It has a beveled tip that it actually quite precise, but if you want be extremely accurate, I recommend you use a lip liner.

After having used the lip color a few times I can say that it feels super comfortable on the lips and is not drying at all. I actually think it moisturizes my lips as I’ve noticed its formula carries squalene, a coconut derivative.

It is super easy to apply and although it’s not the most pigmented lip product, you can definitely build the color up. I can actually get so many different intensities with the same lipstick, wich makes it so easy to achieve the exact look I want.


It definitely is one of the most moisturizing mattes I’ve ever tried, my lips still look healthy and soft after having worn the product all day. I must say that I need to touch it up a few times especially after eating, but that doesn’t bother me at all.

All in all, it is a super creamy and rich product, but light and soft at the same time. If you suffer from really dry lips but you’re looking for matte I recommend you purchase one of the Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Mattes as soon as possible!

hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review, if you’ve tried this product or want to know more about it just leave a comment down below and I’ll check it out!



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