This week’s post is all about the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream! I have hemmed and hawwed about trying these for a few months but I finally decided to give them a go and I picked up Zurich at my local drugstore. A light peachy pink with just enough brown that mixes very well with my skintone and natural lip color.


I must say that it can be a bit patchy if you don’t exfoliate your lips first, but if you do it goes on like butter. The lip cream is definitely full coverage but as it starts to wear down a bit and my natural lips peek through.

I didn’t really expect much in terms of long wear out of these since they aren’t marketed as such so that didn’t surprise me at all. Also, using a lip liner may help with the longevity but I guess I can reapply because it doesn’t make it cakey. Also, they never seem to dry down completely which might cause some feathering. As a result, these are definitely not transfer proof.


However, they look lovely and soft on the lips and patted into your lips with a little lip liner gives you that perfectly soft blotted lip look. The texture is nice, kind of a mix of traditional matte lipstick and a liquid lip and I also like the feel of not having anything or barely anything on the lips. I must also mention its  pleasant vanilla-cake-scent, I’m obsessed with it!

Overall, I can say the staying power on it is not the greatest and I have to re-apply often, but the color is so beautiful and the matte wear is so comfortable that I just can’t stop wearing it! I really like that I don’t feel like I have to be careful while wearing it and it’s really easy to touch up.


As you can see in the pictures, the packaging is small and the applicator is good enough to get some precision unlike most matte liquid lipsticks out there.

It can also be a bit drying at the 10 hour mark, but don’t forget it’s a  drugstore brand! As far as price goes, there’s far more lip creams that you could do worse to buy for what these cost, $5.99 is not a bad price.

Overall I highly recommend it especially if you’re trying out the matte lipstick trend but don’t feel like dropping 30 bucks on one tube of lipstick. If you’ve been sleeping on the soft mattes and you love a light matte lip, pick one or two of these up. Also, these are cruelty free, have a huge range of colors, and are very affordable!



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