Holiday sets are generally quite good value – as you can try out multiple products at once for cheaper. And as well as being the perfect way to try new products, they’re also easy to take away for the holidays or help you glam up for the New Year. So whether you’re planning to treat yourself or someone else, I recommend you take a look at these amazing makeups sets.

The first set I want to mention is the Sephora Favorites Give me Some Lip & Liner ($72). You know I’m all about the nude lipsticks but as Christmas is just around the corner it’s time to rock the red lip! As you can see in the picture, you get fourteen full and deluxe size products from the best brands out there including YSL or even Marc Jacobs!


I really like the wide range of lip products you get and I also appreciate that each lip color matches a liner. We all know how annoying it’s when your lipstick doesn’t match your lip liner. It’s also worth mentioning that the set includes both glossy and matte lipsticks valued in $222 so you’re saving $150!

You know I love every benefit eyebrow product out there so when I saw they were releasing the Great BROWnanza Blockbuster Eyebrow set ($59) I must admit I got really excited. The first thing I want to mention is that the kit is actually worth $151 which is amazing! It includes: gimme brow (full-size),  brow zings (full-size), goof proof (full-size), ka-BROW! (full-size), high brow (full-size), an angled eyebrow brush, a spoolie-brush and a brow mapping tool.


 This kit has everything for you to try! I would definitely recommend this product if you would like to try all benefit brow products and don’t want to spend too much. I love benefit brow products more then any other brow products on the market. Not only is the packaging fun and nice, but what’s in the packaging works so well! I just wish they would do this set annually so I could just replenish my stash each holiday! The only problem is that it only comes in two shades – 3 and 5, which doesn’t cater for everyone.


The next set I want to mention is the Big blush book volume III ($60). I’ve tried some tarte blushes before and I love the formula so when I saw this set was being released I knew it had to be in my wishlist. The amazonian clay blushes are the ones I use everyday and they have fabulous color payoff,  stay for hours and look great!


What I love the most about it is its price: This kit includes seven full-size amazonian clay blushes and one gorgeous highlighter so it’s actually worth $240.00! I’ve seen people complaining about the packaging, but to be honest all I care about is the actual product, plus you could transfer all the magnetic blushes into a travel size palette if you needed to. 1096-blush-book__AC_swatches-1_ALT

An last but not least I wanted to include another tarte set: The Treasure Box Collector’s Set ($59) which includes 24 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 2 bronzers, 1 highlighter, a full-size eyeliner, a mascara and a lip paint (both deluxe size).


As I’ve said before, I love the blush formula tarte uses and I’ve read some reviews saying the eyeshadows are buttery soft and easy to blend. I do think the bronzers could have been a little cooler toned but I think they still could work.

And I must say the case itself looks gorgeous and seems well made and sturdy. I also think Tarte really picked the perfect shades for this set – so easy to mix and match. I just hope the lip and eye products are good enough and I’ll be happy!


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