If you’re tired of granola bars, cold cereal, and to-go breakfast sandwiches it’s high time you try something new! Wake up to these healthy recipes and you’ll feel ten times better the rest of your day. They’re so incredibly easy to do but also taste delicious!

Egg and ham bagels

The first recipe I want to mention features one of my favorite breakfast ingredients, bagels.  They’re just so easy and quick to do and they taste amazing! It’s true that thay cointain a high amount of carbs but combined with protein (from the eggs and the ham) I find them to be the perfect breakfast.


For this recipe you literally just need to know how to fry an egg. However,if you don’t feel like using a classic toaster to toast the bagels… Cut the bagel in half, melt ½ tablespoon of butter in a skillet and wait until it’s crisp. Then, you just need to place the toasted bagels on a plate, add the ham and then top with the egg.

Another original way to do it is to gently transfer the egg to the middle of the bagel while it is in the skillet pan. This way, the yolk is contained in its hole and, when broken into, is immediately surrounded by the bagel to mop it up. Finally, I sometimes like to add a litte bit of baby spinach to my bagels because it provides useful amounts of iron and folic acid.

Fruit, yogurt and oats bowl

If you enjoy sweet breakfasts but don’t want to eat too much sugar, I recommend you combine fruit, nuts, oats and yogurt. I’m sure you’ve probably seen these bowls everywhere already but trust me, they’re just too good not to include them in your breakfast. Also, they allow you to be creative by combining different healthy ingredients every day so that you don’t get bored of always eating the same thing.


The bowl I’ve been enjoying lately has banana, oats, walnuts and yogurt in it and I have to say I’m absolutely obsessed! I sometimes even add a bit of cocoa poder if I’m craving some chocolate and the taste is just amazing.

Greek Yogurt and Smoked Salmon toast

Last but not least, I was going to add the classic cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel but  I was feeling extra creative so… I decided to mix up this classic breakfast dish by swapping in toasted country bread instead of bagels and low-fat Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese! Such a great alternative if you want to try something new.


You just need to toast the bread, add the Greek yogurt on top and finish it with some smoked salmon. I sometimes even like to add some onion and lemon juice for a fresh touch.

I hope you enjoy making these recipes! If you want me to post more breakfast ideas just leave a comment down below!


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