I’ve recently been enjoying some new Maybelline lip products. I think they’re perfect for summer and unlike some other lipsticks on the market, they feel moisturizing on my lips and not heavy at all! If you’re interested in knowing which are the products I’m talking about, just keep reading!

The first products I want to talk about its the Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I was really excited when these products came out so I had to get my hands on them asap. At first, I got the shade 05 Nude Flush and it looked really nice on my skin tone, it was also really easy to apply and very smooth, so I quickly went back to the drugstore and got it in the shade 50 Nude Thrill as well!

I’m not a big fan of matte liquid lipsticks as I feel they are too drying on my lips, so I love that these ones are more like satin matte, and don’t dry up completely. The flat applicator makes it really easy and precise to apply, and if you pat on your lips after application to take away excess product it looks even better!

It’s also worth mentioning that the Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks are available in a collection of super-saturated shades from stone to deep berry, and every color in between. So if you’re not into the nude shades, you still have the chance to find your perfect color!

Now, let’s talk about the Color Drama by Color Show products…

I got them in the shades 630 Nude Perfection (lovely orange-nude shade) and 140 Minimalist (very nice sweet pink colour with perl shine). Both of them look so nice on my lips- bright without being too showy. They’re softer than a normal lip pencil and very easy and clean to apply, without the slipperiness of a lipstick. The only down side is that I found the texture to be slightly waxy and resulted in drying my lips out a little, so before using them I usually prep them with some lip balm.


All in all, these four products leave your lips feeling velvety-soft and cushiony and I absolutely love that. I can’t recommend them enough!

I also love that I can apply the Color Drama products first and then the liquid lipsticks on top because the shades match perfectly. This way, I can achieve a long-lasting look and don’t need to worry about my color disappearing.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review, if you’ve tried any of these products let me know what you think of them in the comments!



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